Tailbone pain from furniture assembly

Alex - Alex.X.Camacho.-ND@disney.com

OK, so I was putting together an IKEA furniture unit together yesterday and this morning I woke up with a severely painful tailbone. What gives?

The only things I was doing differently yesterday was bending over and kneeling a lot to put up the unit. It took me forever to put it up but who would have thought it would not only make me tired, but that I would wake up with so much pain. I am going to give myself another day to heal up? I have sympathy for all you who suffer from this pain regularly.

My symptoms are the following. I woke up with the pain in the morning. I can sit with no problem. However, when I get up or walk around I have an acute pain in my tailbone. Does anyone have a clue what is wrong with me?



Updated 2003-04-27

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