Hit by a racing dog

Angelika - bobanka@aol.com

I am a sixty year old female who was hit in the hip/buttocks area by a racing 70 pound dog. This happened over a year ago and I have been in extreme pain ever since. I am currently on morphine pills.

I have had injections in the S2 S3 S4 nerves as well as the right sacroiliac joint and nothing helped. The pain I feel comes mostly from the anus area.

The pain is at its worst when I stand or walk and I get some relief when sitting or lying down.

The doctors don't know what to do next. If anybody has any suggestions I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you


Note from Jon Miles:

Because sitting down bring some relief, this doesn't sound like a coccyx problem. It could possibly be a muscular problem.

Updated 2003-03-30

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