Despairing from Kent

Anna -

Hi, my name is Anna. I live in Kent UK.

I have had constant coccyx pain for 5 months and I am despairing of ever having any relief. I can't really recall falling on it or any trauma, but I may have had a slight bump a few month before that.

I have tried anti inflammatories, paracetamol and codeine and tramadol but none of them touch the pain. 2 weeks ago I saw a consultant privately and had a steroid relief at all. Is this normal? He didn't do any x rays and said that the injection was virtually guaranteed to help......

I am getting depressed about my situation. I am self employed and my business is suffering as I can't sit to work, so now I am getting stressed financially.

I have used a coccyx cushion but it doesn't help.

I have seen 5 chiropractors and 2 osteopaths...I am now trying cranio sacral treatment. Does anyone have any experience of alternative approaches having helped? One chiropractor said that there is an internal manipulation that can help, I am too embarrassed to go through with this although I am so fed up I may just have to. Can anyone share with me what it is like and what happens....and if it works...

It's my wedding anniversary and I have tickets to Phantom of the Opera tomorrow night but I don't think I can possibly sit through the performance....last time I went to the theatre I literally had to be pulled out of my seat... Anyone want to buy a ticket????

It is nice to know I am not alone, but we all seem to be suffering so much. I'm not sure I could adapt to being in this much pain for the rest of my life. I have a very special (long haul) holiday booked for next what point do I decide to pull out of the holiday and get my money back? I have until September.........




Updated 2003-04-06

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