I can't sit or stand for long after a fall


I fell on my back stairs 11 weeks ago, and landed on my butt, but I broke my right ulna because of the way I landed with my arm. I've had back pain for several years, but over the past week, it's gotten really bad to the point that I can't sit for more than 15 minutes without bad pains in my back and hips. It hurts so bad that it brings me to tears and it usually takes a lot to make me cry. So when my hips start to hurt, I stand up, and then I can't stand but 15-20 minutes and I have to sit down. When I sleep, I have to constantly change position to be comfortable. When I'm on my side and tuck my tailbone under, it hurts, or if I tighten my butt cheeks it hurts. It feels like I need to suck my spine in and stick my butt way out, but it still hurts in my hips.

I go to the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up on my arm and to check the back, but what should I be asking him? He's an orthopaedist. Could this pain be from my fall? Is it possible for my tailbone to have been cracked or something and not realize it because my arm was hurting so badly?


Updated 2003-01-05

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