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Anonymous -

I was in a low impact motor vehicle accident in March 2000. I couldn't sit for a month or so and then with great difficulty. I was misdiagnosed until November 2002 when a very keen x-ray tech took the right films and showed the coccyx going in at between 70-90 degree angle.

I had been told I had back strain, SI joint troubles (and had cortisone injections that did no good and the last one did damage). I have severe inflammation around the sacrum etc. I can now sit, but have to be careful and sit forward on thighs, left cheek, with my butt over the crack in sofa etc. You get the picture. Long story-short version.

My coccyx is now somewhat demineralized and I'm not even going to try any sort of manipulation. I need to find a surgeon who is willing to remove this thing. Does anyone know of any surgeons in the Seattle area who do these? I know the trend years ago was to remove them, then they've come full swing again and the younger doctors seem to be hesitant about this procedure.

I KNOW this needs to come out, the inflammation is demineralizing the bone and the pressure around my sacrum is so intense at times that I'm completely immobile and prone. I'm an avid ocean kayaker etc and can't drive for more than 40 miles before I'm in quite a bit of pain from inflammation etc. I live in Alaska and we normally drive 200 miles in a day to even fish!! HELP

Updated 2003-02-02

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