Recovery after two years!

Anonymous -

First... Thank you for this informational site and the age of the internet. This site was the beginning of relief and comfort both mentally (NO! Coccyx suffers aren't going mad) and physically.

I broke (Yes, a complete fracture with a nice s-curve jam at the end) my tailbone in an extremely nasty fall two years ago during a rollerblading incident. I must have been speeding down a steep hill about 30 feet high at travelling at a speed about 55 mph. At 32 years old, I thought I was invincible. Wrong! I bounced not once on my tailbone, but several times before I finally rolled on my side. Yes. Most doctor's say "There's nothing that can be done. Take some painkillers and sit on a donut". The first orthopedic said I would be in perfect shape and be ready to be birthing babies in 12 weeks. Was he ever wrong.

I encourage all people to research their tailbone problem as much as possible and seek a good doctor before any spinal injection or surgery. It took me three doctors before I finally read this website and contacted Dr. Steven Dennis in Newport Beach, CA. His schedule was completely booked for two months. However, I was lucky to be referred to Dr. Alexander Francini. He is a very kind and considerate doctor who explained my x-rays and my options very thoroughly. I wanted to try all options besides surgery or injections, since those I knew would only alleviate the problem but not fix it. I selected to try physical therapy with intravaginal and intrarectal manipulations with Robin Christenson at Pacific Coast Physical Therapy in Newport Beach, California. (949) 475-5777 (see the list of doctors and other specialists).

After the first two visits there was an immediate relief. Not only was my tailbone broken, it was in complete misalignment with my spine. I also had pelvic and muscle misalignments, two degenerated discs, and an extremely sore piriformis (the muscle underneath the glutes). I was a mess and in some sort of pain for 20 months. Now after four months of manual manipulations and hours of physical therapy in balancing and strengthening my core muscles, I am happy to say that I am about 80% back to normal. 20% is the weight gain and my ability to do the things I use to be able to do. I will most likely never completely recovered because of my degenerated disks, but the key is none of that tailbone pain has occurred after the first few adjustments.

Robin and all the therapists at Pacific Coast Physical Therapy are wonderful. Robin is very articulate in explaining the causes of the pain and it all makes practical mechanical and physical sense. Being a mechanical engineer, I fully understand the body mechanics and am extremely critical of people knowing what they are doing to my body. I hate pain and unnecessary medications or treatments.

Please keep up the hope and faith that there is relief. You can email me at if you have any questions.

Updated 2003-06-01

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