Coccyx pain after childbirth

Anonymous -

I gave birth to a 7lb 13 oz. baby girl in October. It was an induced labor. Ever since the then, I have had nothing but pain in my lower back (coccyx). I kept on trying to ignore it, but the pain just kept getting worse. I have been to several doctors and none of them are very helpful. I just get ridiculous advice from them. The scary thing is you can actually feel the coccyx sticking out! I am so afraid to give birth again.

If anyone ever saw the movie shallow hal, I wonder if I am going to have a wagging tail! Seriously, the pain is unbearable and some days I feel as if I can't even hold my daughter.

Please email me if you are in my situation, or you know someone who gave birth a second time with this problem.

If anyone knows a good doctor in Rockaway New Jersey or Parsippany please email me as well.

Updated 2003-07-13

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