Fell down the stairs a year and a half ago

Anonymous - Sela098@aol.com

I fell a year and a half ago down the stairs of the complex I live in. The landlord decided to paint the stairs with gloss paint and I fell down 4 right on my you know what. The stairs are concrete and I called the ambulance to take me away.

Went there and had my x-rays and they found nothing but a bruise. For the past 6 months I have been in agony. Sitting sideways, and when I lay down in bed to watch TV I am lucky if I can tolerate it for 5 minutes. My back and bottom is where all my pain is. Doesn't matter what I'm sitting on, it still hurts.

I have not tried anything for this since I didn't think anyone would believe me because the x-ray never showed that I broke it. I called my landlord a couple of days after I fell and told them that they needed to rubber the stairs so no-one else falls down. Well, it took him one more person to fall and break their ankle for him to do something about it. I wonder if I could sue him for this....I'm in pain all day long. I think I would have rather break my arm then fall on my bottom.

Updated 2003-10-05

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