Found a chair that helps


I was at my sons little league game and I sat down in one of those collapsible type camping chair. The ones for 20 bucks or less at K-mart etc... Coleman also makes them.

No pain. It was the first time since the pain began that I could sit down without pain. Seems to me, the chair supports you from the thighs and outside hips relieving pressure from the tailbone area. I use one at work. The problem is the chairs only last a few weeks or so before I have to repair or replace them.. They are not designed to be used the way I use them. I spend 40 hours or more a week sitting in them. I have 4 of them now. My job requires me to be seated all day long, I would have had to leave my job by now had I not discovered these chairs.

I suspect some of those lawn chairs that have bands running from arm to arm rather than back to front may have the same effect.

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camping chair

Updated 2003-11-09

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