I feel like I have given up on ever getting better

CMA - tasi@fdn.com

I have been looking at your site for a while now and decided to add my experience. Back in August of 1999 I went to the gym one day to work out and the next day I could hardly sit down. I waited for a few months for the pain to go away but it never did.

First I went to chiropractor who took x-rays and told me that I had a bruised tail-bone. I had a few adjustments, but it still hurt. Then I went the ER and had more x-rays done, again I was told I had a bruised tail-bone and was given a prescription for pain. It did no good so I went for follow treatment to a GP who told me I needed to have an MRI. So after having that done, I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that I had coccyxitis. He said that was his term for people with imagined tailbone pain. By this time I was fed up with doctors. I went to another chiropractor who again took x-rays and he noticed that my tailbone was bent and severely dislocated. He gave me a few treatments and determined that I needed internal coccyx treatment. So after much searching I found a doctor that was willing to do it. I was pregnant at the time and I had treatments 3 times a week until I had the baby. After that my insurance expired and I could no longer afford to go.

So here I sit (in pain) four years later with no resolution. I usually have to sit on my side. I tried a donut pillow but it did no good. Basically I feel like I have given up on ever getting better. I have thought about getting the cortisone shot, but without insurance it's not going to be easy. I live in the Palm Beach, Florida area. If anyone out there knows of a good doctor anywhere on the Gold or Treasure coast please let me know. I'd love to one day be able to sit through an entire movie without switching from sitting on one hip to the other. Maybe… someday.

CMA, Florida

Updated 2003-08-24

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