Anal spasms and tail bone pain

Debbie from Virginia -

Original posting, 2003-03-16:

I have suffered pain in the tailbone as most on your site describe. I made an appointment with my HMO provider. I am skeptical as to what will be the outcome of my appointment.

My father died of colon cancer as did his father, I do have my colonoscopy as I should. It is time for it again as well. Which is part of my reason to go to get this checked out. What I wish to ask is, I have suffered this pain for some years. I can also get awaken in the middle of the night from a dead sleep and get an anal spasm so painful as it will cause me to cry. I take an Ibuprofen and wait it out till it stops contracting.

I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else in your experience on this message board. I have called it to the attention to the doctor and they said after the last colonoscopy that they didn't see a cause for this pain there. It has remained a mystery. I do get the spasm every so often to the point of being scared if I feel it coming on because of it's intenseness. The pain lasts as long as if it is like a contraction having a baby as it builds up in intensity and then lessens after a few minutes or so.

I am sorry for such a long description. I just find comfort in knowing that I am not alone in suffering intense tailbone pain. Would appreciate anyone who would like to reply.

Thanks, Debbie

Update, 2003-04-20:

I went today for the referral I got from my HMO provider. What happened? ... absolutely nothing.

The doctor was at a loss as to why he was given my referral. He said they have nothing to do with tailbone problems. He said he also cannot tell me anything about the anal spasms. He told me to go back to my provider. the only thing he offered me was information on using a doughnut pillow and a referral to see a chronic pain specialist.

No help there. I paid a deductable for someone to see my behind only to say, he is not who to see for that or any other pain in that area I might have.

I guess it is back to the drawing board. I cannot imagine why it seems that these doctors haven't got a clue??? what is with that?

I had to give my HMO provider all the information I got off your web site. They did not hear of Proctalgia fugax or Levator Ani or any of the other problems in the coccyx area.

I will have to see my provider again and try something else. I have an appointment tomorrow to see the provider again. I will update again when I can actually get somewhere.


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