Tailbone pain after bone from hip removed

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I had major jaw surgery in April of 1994, during which they removed bone from my left hip to place in my jaw. After this I had some physical therapy because my left leg was hurting. One of the exercises was pelvic tilts. I soon noticed pain in my tailbone. I told my therapist but he say much about it.

My pain has continued to get worse. I have been from doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist, acupuncture, chiropractors, those using manipulation, activators, and specific chiropractic which involved only neck manipulation to make sure the brain stem was not being restricted. I have received no treatment since then (summer of 2002).

I have had this pain soon ten years. Now, I also have pain in the buttocks, down the right leg, numbness, burning, stabbing and various types of pain. I also have some numbness in my feet and I my toes tend to curl. I had none of these problems prior to 1994. I have used a cushion with a V . This helps protect my tailbone but I still have a lot of pain. It hurts worse to sit on a soft surface than on a hard surface. However, now the hard surface hurts too. I used to ride bike, hike and walk a lot. Now, when I walk, I get pain in the right leg even more and also pain the my lower back. This also happens when I sit too long .

I was originally diagnosed with "pelvic floor tension myalgia" and given deep heat treatments. This was done at the Mayo Clinic in MN. This gave me no relief. I was told not to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. Sure, how can a person do that? I have difficulty standing, sitting and lying on my right side. The only time I'm free from pain is when I'm asleep.

I had four injections. The first two were before I got so bad, the second two were after I had gone through a rigid session of therapy, traction and finally the injections. None of them helped, I noticed no difference at all.

I've also been told I have an angulated tailbone, plus a few disc problems. Then am told that surgery was not a good option. Only a 10% chance of success! Help!


Updated 2003-02-16

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