Wanted to share it at last

Donna Gibson - DonnaDonnaGibson@aol.com

I have had coccyx problems for over 10 years now. I've had the usual injections, they lasted about 1 month. It seemed to ease up after I had my son. Then I had a fall and it all started up again. I have been on different drugs now for many years, which worries me a lot.

It's a Catch-22 situation, when in pain, you take painkillers, which always have side effects.

I feel sometimes people around me do not really understand how much this pain hurts.

I cannot drive because of it, yet the success rate, I have been told, is not that great.

The thought of anyone operating on my spine makes me feel sick and scared.

Yet I live with this pain everyday. Catch-22.

My doctor has just resorted himself, and myself, to a lifetime of painkillers and other drugs which relax muscles, which again have side effects.

I have read some of the success stories, yet I am still unsure.

I live in England, and would be grateful to anyone with reference and advice.

Good luck, to all others.


Updated 2003-01-05

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