Cosmetic problem from tailbone injury

Elizabeth -

About 4 years ago, when I was 20 years old, I received a hard kick from behind while walking down a city street. My tailbone was sore for a few days and still gets sore now and then, but I think it was bent rather than fractured since the pain was never severe.

However, the area is now deformed--the sacrum sticks out from the lower back at an unusually horizontal angle. I guess the bottom of the tailbone was kicked in and up--there's a small, more or less perpetual bruise there. At any rate it gives my behind a bizarre circular look (noticeable to others, not just myself). I want to be in good shape but I'm afraid to do any exercises that would develop the gluteal muscles since this makes it look even worse.

Basically it's a cosmetic issue, but a big one. Is there anything--chiropractic, surgery--that could move the bones back into place? I would be willing to undergo pain and expense to fix it, but not a risk of nerve damage.

Updated 2003-05-04

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