Tailbone - lower legs - feet


My name is Elizabeth and I'm from Florida. I have been going to doctors for about 2 years now and no-one has been able to diagnose me. I [fell?] down into a pool without water in September of 2000 and for about a year after that my knees were starting to bother me, getting worse as time went on. I went to the 1st doctor, a othopedic doctor, in September of 2001 and had surgery on my left knee in January 2002. It turned out that surgery was not the answer.

I have since been to at least a dozen different doctors including the Mayo Clinic. No-one cannot find anything wrong other than mild arthritis in my knees, but nothing to explain the severe pain. I went to a massage therapist one time and she noticed that my tail bone was pretty messed up. The more she messed with it, the more severe the pain in my knees and lower legs worsened. I cannot find a doctor to validate her findings.

I have been on so much medication over the last 2 years that I found myself getting addicted to Percocets. I am now seeing a pain doctor who will only give my Tylenol 4 for my pain. It helps some and I prefer that to other pain medications as I am a working mother and do not want to be addicted to pain meds. However, I still cannot find a doctor who will agree that the fall on my tail bone could cause so much pain in my lower legs and I am still in quite a lot of pain. Has anyone that you have heard of gone through this?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. My doctors believe that I am in a lot of pain but yet no-one can help me solve this problem. I feel like I'm slowly losing my mind. Thank you!!!


Updated 2003-04-27

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