Fell over the cat

Gogeomol - Gogeomol@aol.com

My wife fell over the cat years ago, fell on a brick staircase, and appeared to damage her coccyx. She has had pain since then but it has increased considerably lately.

We've tried injections, acupuncture, lidoderm pads with no results. We're coming closer to a surgical decision.

One of the specific diagnostics it seems is a tapping or knocking of the coccyx - if this does not produce pain the problem is either something else or further up the spine.

Sitting has not been painful as it has for so many other coccyx pain sufferers. However she has constant bowel problems that we feel are associated with the problem.

The coccyx manipulation, as a course of action prior to surgery is also very interesting - has anyone had any success in the New York City area?

Any info would be appreciated.

Updated 2003-01-12

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