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I have been in pain five years but getting better! I broke the tip off my tailbone giving birth 31 years ago. It hurt for a while but got better fast. Within a year I didn't even notice it. I had a lower G.I. six years ago and all hell broke loose with pain. I had my tailbone removed and then the surgery got infected. I spent 8 days in the hospital with PAIN and a fever of 104. Afterwards I asked the doctor how long it would take me to heal and the pain to get better. He looked me in the eye and said, "I don't know, I have never done this before"! I could have fallen over right there! Please if you are thinking of getting yours removed, get lots of options from doctors who have done it before and not are out just to make a buck.

One of the reasons I had the bone removed was that I would wake up at night with severe pain in my bottom. I thought it was the tailbone as I knew it was "really broken" completely off at the tip. That wasn't causing the pain. It was cramps in my opening to the colon. I found an old medication called Quinine, it helped a lot to stop this cramping.

I have developed an odd reaction as when I have intestinal problems my teeth hurt first?! How can this be? When my teeth start hurting so does my tailbone. I found out I had an infection in my intestines! I don't understand. What makes this puzzle of mixed messages of pain? Has anyone else had the similar or the same problems? Please let me know if there is a way to figure all this mess out. Does anyone else share the same problem? How do I know where the true pain is coming from?

I found one thing that really helped the pain from the surgery. It is Chinese healing oils called Kwan Loong Oil. I used just a little oil twice a day. It is warming so go light. After five years of pain I developed a scab on my sacrum where the bone had been removed and the pain subsided! I didn't have pain as bad until I got the intestinal infection. I thought it was my teeth and that the tailbone had just started hurting again. This is insane!


Note from Jon Miles:

I have not heard of intestinal problems causing a pain in the teeth, but mixed pain messages do happen. One well-known one is that gall-bladder pain causes a pain in the shoulder. Somewhere in the nervous system, wires get crossed, and pain seems to be coming from a part of the body that is not affected at all.

Updated 2003-10-19

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