Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobile type


Posted 2003-06-15

My life almost fell apart from waiting and waiting for surgery. I was on morphine for two years or so and before that percocet. I would recommend morphine and not worry about addiction. Depression also affected me and I was on Paxil which I do not recommend. I was sick for a year after taking that. It was harder getting off Paxil than it was morphine.  

I had to wait two years for surgery in Thunder Bay, Ontario as there is a doctor shortage, so I went out of province to get it done sooner. I was sent for all sorts of tests in Thunder Bay which wasted my time. I got my coccygectomy in January 2001 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The surgeon said nothing will show coccydynia. He even asked me why nobody would do the surgery for me in Thunder Bay. He met me in October 2000 and scheduled surgery January 2001. I was given an epidural and a light sedative so I wouldn't hear them taking it off.

Two months after my surgery I stopped taking the pills and started working in May 2001. My life is great now. I work two jobs in the health field and I will be going to college in the fall of this year. I feel great. I still get pain if I sit too long or the wrong way.  I still have the urge to take a pain killer, but I get over it.

My surgeon was Dr. Warren Froese, in Manitoba (see Doctors and specialists in Canada).

Update, 2013-11-24

After years of dislocations and joint pain throughout my body I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, hypermobile type. This is a genetic connective tissue defect. I presume many people with coccydynia have this. It's rarely diagnosed and many doctors are unaware of the syndrome. Rheumatologists usually diagnose.

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