Bone scan after numerous other scans

Karen -

Original posting, 2003-08-03:

After seeing just about every doctor in this city I am now going for a bone scan as the numerous C-scans, X-Rays, and every type of doctor cannot find out why I am in so much pain, it went from an abscess up in my rectum to severe chronic yeast infection to - a shrug, a shake of the head to maybe I should see a psychologist, however I don't think I am imagining the fact I cannot walk up stairs or down now. I cannot lie on my back, side or sit any way but on one hip bone or the other. I have a prescription for cortisone which I hope will not get filled, as I have had experience with cortisone which was not favourable, I have bottles of pills that do nothing, a warm bath makes it worse and now standing & walking is very uncomfortable. I have two very large gardens that need looking after and which I use to enjoy, now it is a chore I leave for my husband. We cannot even go on vacation or take day car trips as sitting in the car is almost unbearable. I drive 25 minutes to work each way and there are days I have to stop and get out as my right leg goes numb from sitting on that hip.

I sit at a computer all day or try to do everyone's task that involves standing. I am a 62 year old female with a very bitter attitude. I live in a city that boasts the best Medical school in Eastern Canada, and yet I cannot get someone to make this horrible situation better. My family doctor has confirmed or he thinks I have coccydynia, and friends in the medical profession have said "the removal of the coccyx is done quite often with great success", well I wonder how long a person has to suffer!!!

I am so happy to have found this site and to hear the positive results sufferers have received. I have had low back problems since I was a child but it has been since January of this year that it has become so severe that it is almost debilitating. I would hate to think that I would have to give up working as there is nothing that would make it any different.

Reading the experiences of others on this site is so great, as I never knew there was such a condition, and now I don't feel so alone or that I am imagining this.

Thanks for listening, Karen

Update, 2003-09-28:

Well again after the bone scan for which I waited 5 weeks for the results, I was told "nothing unusual for someone my age" (I am 62). I was advised if I was still uncomfortable, I could go to the pain clinic. I told my family doctor I would see a chiropractor, which he agreed and mentioned a couple of names. I started with Dr Squires three weeks ago and as she said I have a badly inflamed coccyx, sciatica nerve and pudendal nerve entrapment. She is excellent and has given me a lot of attention and is quite concerned that she is unable to do too much as I am in so much pain. She had suggested I take the anti inflammatory prescription which my doctor had given me back in April, but every type of medication and I end up with my stomach giving me a lot of grief, you just can't win. Also I sit on an ice pack when ever I am home or in bed, which is helpful, but after yesterday she has stated she will have to do the internal manipulation which she has done on several patients. She also suggested I take a month off work as I must sit all day.

I have read the posts on this site from those who have had the internal manipulation and it sounds as if it might be the answer. I am in constant pain as I also have fibromyalgia, so along with the sciatic nerve thing happening and the PNE I just want to get back some quality of life and I also want to be able to sit in the car for longer than 20 minutes.

I would like to thank the people who wrote to me, it is always so great to hear from others in this condition. Take care all.

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