Surgery failed, rhizotomy a success

Kelly -

After 4 months of pain (doctors think from too many spin classes) I started seeking treatment. I had the usual series of failed injections. After 7 months, I had a coccygectomy. The recovery from the surgery was VERY painful and VERY long. My surgeon kept telling me to wait that it would heal and I would get relief. No relief came from the surgery.

I then began seeking help from neurosurgeons and was referred to Dr. Jerry Holubec in Plano, Texas. To my surprise, he also has an article published on this website! Dr. Holubec is a pain management specialist who performed rhizotomy. Rhizotomy uses an x-ray machine to see where the needle is going and actually lasers the nerves! The laser burns the nerves from sending a message to my brain that I'm in pain. At first I was skeptical, thinking that it was so similar to the x-ray type of injections. The procedure was so SIMPLE. It was a procedure that lasted less than 15 minutes under mild sedation. I went home and slept the rest of the day. Dr. Holubec told me to be patient and let the process work. The next few weeks brought depression because I still had pain and every other doctor told me to wait also. After a month, my pain was reduced by 75%! It's been 3 months and my booty is PAIN FREE! The only time I have pain now is when I sit in an uncomfortable chair for an extended period of time – just like a normal booty! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE seek rhizotomy before surgery – it's worth it! Dr. Holubec gave me back my life for which I am forever grateful.

Updated 2003-11-09

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