Persistent pain - going in for surgery

Lauren -

I am 14 years old, and I fractured my tailbone almost 2 years ago now. I've read the stories on here, and unlike a lot of people, I cannot remember the actual moment where I fractured it. I do remember, however, a throbbing pain in the very lowest part of my back. I joked about it for a while, and then when the pain persisted, I told my parents. They said that I had probably just bruised it, and that is should heal within a few weeks.

Well, a few weeks, and then a month or two went by, and the pain still had not ceased. I kept telling them how much it hurt me, so they took me to my doctor. She sent me to get an X-Ray, and when the results came back, they said that I had just bruised it, and that it would just have to heal on its own. Another 6 or 7 months went by with no difference in the pain amount, so my parents took me to get it X-Rayed again, this time at a Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor (I think they just wanted me to stop complaining). They X-Rayed it there, and when the doctor came in, she said “I can't believe they didn't catch this on the other X-Ray! Your tailbone is fractured, and is at a total 90 degree angle.”

She suggested a few options, mostly consisting of medicine, shots or physical therapy, but she briefly mentioned surgery as a very last resort. (she had never done a coccygectomy before). She suggested I first try medicine, so she had me on Vioxx for a month or two. When that made hardly any difference, I came in for a steroid shot. That was pretty painful, and didn't help any at all. I finally went back to her in mid-February, and we came to the conclusion that I should have the surgery. They are going to have to cut my tailbone off though, because its not completely broken. My date for my surgery is May 20th, so it's coming up soon, but not soon enough. I can't wait to not have all the discomfort of sitting down. It is especially painful in school. That's pretty much sitting down for almost 7 hours straight a day, which kills my back. I'm hoping this will relieve me of my pain.


Updated 2003-05-04

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