Fell down the stairs


20-odd years ago I had a motorbike accident during which I 'cracked' my coccyx (that's what the doctors said, anyway). Since then I had experienced numbness in my bum & base of spine area whenever I sat on a hard surface for any length of time. I ignored it - it didn't hurt.

3 years ago I slipped whilst walking down the stairs at home & bounced on my coccyx down about 3 steps before I came to rest. The pain of the fall was pretty bad, but I decided to go ahead & go to work anyway.... About 2 hours later I was back at home as I simply couldn't sit down.

I had the usual x-rays - no sign of anything. I was told it would be ok given time. It wasn't. After a period where it did actually improve, it then started to get steadily worse until it got to the stage it's at today.

I can't sit on a hard chair for more than about 5 minutes max before I start to feel pain. Soft chairs are better, but the pain is never very far away. I can drive for about 45 minutes on a good day, but have to ensure my car seat is pushed back as far as it will go but still allow me to depress the clutch. I can 'passenge' for about 10 minutes before I start to get pain. Long journeys result in a flare-up that can take up to 2 weeks to abate.

The very worst pain is felt when I go from sitting to standing, and I always have to work myself up to do this. It's obvious that the muscles are pulling on my coccyx, and it is a VERY strong shaft of pain which fortunately quickly subsides once I'm on my feet.

I have no pain when I'm lying down or when I'm standing, or going to the loo etc. Mine is purely a sitting thing. It also hurts if I cough or sneeze when I'm sitting.

Medical things I have tried to no avail:

However, having found this web site I realise that there's still hope. I'm going back to my doctor armed with some of the information I've got from here & shall ask for a dynamic x-ray & to be referred to an orthopedic specialist (preferably one off the list). I hope to give the cortisone injection a try. I don't think I suffer as much pain as many others (as I don't need to take painkillers all the time), so the likelihood of having my coccyx removed is nil (at the moment) but I may ask him to prescribe me some pain-killers I can take when I have to undertake any travelling. It would be nice to get out & about a bit more.......

Updated 2003-04-27

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