Coccyx pain without trauma

Mada -

About a month ago I began having pain. All I was doing was sitting working on the computer. I thought maybe I was sitting too much and that the pain would go away. It has not.

My coccyx does not curve as seen on most diagrams. When the end bone is palpated, it is very sore like it is bruised. I have not fallen or in any way caused any trauma to the area. I am totally baffled as to what may have caused the soreness. When I sit on a couch, I must sit to one side or the other.

Arthritis runs in my family. I am 39 and the only symptom of arthritis I have is an occasional twinge in a couple of my fingers. Other than that I'm on the go. I am curious what would cause such a sudden onset of pain like this.

Any ideas?

Updated 2003-08-17

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