Broke my coccyx 3 months ago. I can't take the pain anymore!!

Marina -

Original posting, 2003-06-15:

Three months ago I basically impelled myself on a wooden chair when I lost my footing and came down on my tailbone HARD!!! It was so weird the way I fell I blacked out for a second or two. The pain was so bad for so long. My legs and body got so sore and tired from standing so long cause it hurt to sit or even lay down.

About two weeks ago I broke down and told my husband I need to see someone NOW!!! I can't eat, and when I do I just throw up, I'm losing weight and I can't sleep. I feel like I'm going nuts!! My husband got me into a doctor the next day, the x-ray that was taken was pretty grapy, but you could see the broken coccyx. The next day I want for an MRI, that showed impact trauma to L4-5 mild facet arthrosis and L5-S1 minimal annular bulging, and there is sharp angulations of the spine at the mid coccyx with a small amount of precoccyx fluid. (I started writing this 2 hours ago I keep having to get up from the pain.)

This past Tuesday I went in for a injection or pain bloke, I got very little relief. The pain is back and even worse then before. When I found this site and realized I'm not going nuts. I know I can't give up hope that this pain will go away. I'm only 33, and my husband tells me he wants his wife back, he has gone through three mayor back surgeries in the past three years, so he knows what I'm going through, I know his scared for me.

I don't want this to take anymore of my life away!!!! The pain pills don't work they just make me feel stupid, I go as long as I can before taking one, which isn't very long.

Is there any hope out there PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Thank you, for letting me unload


Update, 2003-07-06:

It's July 1st, The pain pill's are really messing my stomach up. The pain got so bad on Saturday evening that my husband had to call the doctor. (I had moved wrong in bed Friday night) The doctor said to take two pills (vicodin) every three hours and if that didn't work I should go to the EM room for a pain shot. I took the pills, Sunday evening I started vomiting to the point it was green vile. This went on for hours. My husband called the doctor and he said to call my regular doctor. That wasn't much help, he wanted me to stop taking the pain meds! And that I needed to have the surgery done ASAP because the pain med's are tearing my stomach up. The doctor did put me on Promethazine for the vomiting, and I'm only taking one pain pill every 4 to 6 hours with the vomiting pill and a piece of bread. Today it's going on five day's that all I've ate is four slices of bread. I don't know how much longer my body can take this. My body hurts so bad. (I know a lot of it is from vomiting). I don't have a surgery date yet, The doctor wants me to have a block at the coccyx area to make sure that it's my coccyx causing the pain???? before surgery. That's being done Monday.

Has anyone else had problems with pain meds like this? If so, HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT?

Update, 2003-07-03:

Today is July 7th, tomorrow I go in for surgery to have my coccyx removed. The day after I last posted, I received a call from my surgeons nurse with the surgery date, July 8th. I also did not have to go in for the pre surgery injection today, instead I registered at the hospital. I'm going to stay over night. I'm starting to get nerves, but I am so looking forward to doing the things I use to do.

Update, 2003-07-13:

I had the surgery on the 8th. It wasn't anything I thought it would be. I was able to walk out of the hospital six hours after surgery. From the moment I woke up in recovery I could feel the difference, the pain was gone!! Instead of staples like I was told I would have, glue was used to close the top layer of skin.

Stitches would have been better I think. Tylenol took care of the pain for me, No more vicodin!!!!!. I am eating and sleeping once again. It was weird at the hospital cause no one had seen this kind of surgery before and everyone wanted to have a look at my bum??? and they did before I was fully awake. After that I was asked. There wasn't much to see cause it was packed and covered, I didn't much care and flashed away.

I did start having some pain at the incision site yesterday, but I believe it's from the glue not working and the incision has opened a little. My husband cleaned it really well, and it stopped throbbing. I'm not wearing underwear though it really bothers me, but wearing long skirts and letting it air dry works! I can not believe how different I feel, how good I feel. Don't get me wrong there is still pain from the surgery and soreness, but it's the kind of pain you can deal with and take care of with a couple of Tylenols.

My surgeon [Dr Misenhimer, Texas - see list of doctors] knew what he was doing, compared to many other stories I have read, I was ready for the worst. Having the right doctor makes all the difference in the world! If I could go back and change anything now, I would have insisted I be taken to the hospital the day I impelled myself. I would not have had to suffer for as long as I did, and could have prevented any further damage and unnecessary pain. For those of you getting cortisone injections think twice PLEASE, and asked many many questions before doing it, you do not have to take your doctors word that it will help, in most cases as I've found out it's their way to shut you up!

My surgeon was so understanding the moment he walked in the room, He told me the kind of pain I was having, I didn't have to explain. It was as though he knew how I was hurting from a personal point, and I was in surgery the following week!

There is hope so don't give up!!

Update, 2003-08-10:

Today is August 7th, tomorrow I will be four weeks post-op. I was told at my ten day wound check I was to do nothing at all but walk till my next appointment, which is at the end of this month. I have been doing more than I should.

I have had a few pumps along the road to recovery. My husband and I were sleeping really good one night when my husband rolled over and his knee met my incision and the tip of where my coccyx was removed - OUCH!. Then about a week ago the top of my incision came open.

Since having the surgery I've only taken three vicodin, and only because of the pain of being kneed. Other then that my recovery has been really good, I have put back on most of the weight I had lost. I'm able to once again lay on my back at night to sleep, but best of all my children have their mother back.

My eldest daughter and her husband are expecting there first child in January. It feels so good to be able to go with my daughter to her doctor appointments and other things now, I was scared I wouldn't even be able to hold my grandchild. We have two younger children 10 and 7 who basically didn't have there mom all summer. So I've had a lot of catching up to do with them.

To all who are still going through this I wish you the very best.


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