I backed into a water heater

Matt - combusto@optonline.net

I am a male of 25 years of age. I have always been very good on my feet. I ran track in high school, did the hurtles, and sprinted in an above average class.

I'm never usually clumsy but I was moving one of my saws, weighing 60 pounds or so, backing up when BAM!!! I immediately dropped the saw and closed my eyes tight to bear the pain. It was like a bolt of hot lightning jolting up my spine. I ran to the bathroom to see what the hell I did to myself. I only received a minor cut but the force of the impact left a sizeable lump. I went back to see what I hit and to my amazement, I backed up into a hose spigot protruding from my water heater.

Again, I've made it through life so far with some scratches and such, but never broke or fractured anything! It's been two weeks or so and I now know I need to see a doctor. I say my prayers every night not to have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.

I am an athlete who may have just met a hurdle to big to overcome! I'll say a prayer for everyone, and hope someone does for me.

Updated 2003-01-05

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