Jumping injury

Maurice - maurice.kahlil.robins@us.army.mil

I am a soldier currently in Iraq. I am also airborne. Before I went to Iraq we had a jump to do to stay current. I hit the ground really hard and it hurt bad. The next morning I went to the doctor to see what the problem was and they did X-Rays. The doctor said I had a fractured coccyx. Well, I was given naproxyn and percaset, a doughnut then put on a plane to war.

I am still here but now I am having problems with my balance every once in a while my ear constantly hurts along with my head. At least twice a day I have to hold my noise to unclog my ears. And about 5 days ago I just lost my balance and fell with a severe headache, chest pains, shortness of breath, severe ear ache, something draining out of my ear and temporary paralysis as he said. I ask the doctor what could cause this problem and he hasn't told me anything yet.

I am really wondering could all this be from a fractured coccyx or is there more going on with me. Could someone help me?

Updated 2003-11-30

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