Muscle spasm caused the pain

Nad -

We are grateful that my wife is cured now and we would like to share with all of you the journey and the cure, hoping it would help you.

For 1 full year we spent every day either visiting a doctor, making a test or taking pills. The insurance company must have paid thousands of US$ in the process. We had no social life, basically no life. My wife could not sit, the pain was continuous, day and night.

Ignorant doctors called the cause "coccydynia". And they all insisted it was the coccyx that caused the problem, my wife however always knew the pain was around the coccyx, but it was not bone related, we however always took the doctors opinion and followed their lead.

My wife went to 3 orthopedics, 1 pain management (who gave her steroid shots in the coccyx area and wanted to kill the nerves which I disapproved), 1 neurosurgeon, 1 neurologist, 3 OBJ and she did a fibroid removal operation, out of desperation, hoping that pain was caused from pressure of the fibroids, 1 physical therapist (ultrasound + heat), 1 massage therapist, she also was subjected to tests like MRI, CT scan, bone scan, x-rays and others. Some doctors advised to remove the coccyx, while others disapproved, etc. Basically we were shooting in the dark and felt hopeless since doctors were contradicting one another and none of them made sense.

UNTIL one day, an orthopedic doctor advised my wife to check if she had colon cancer and at least eliminate the possibility since that was the only test we did not do, so he suggested us to visit a colon & rectal specialist and at that day the Heavens must have been open and our prayers were answered, we finally found a doctor who knew what was wrong and he pinpointed exactly the problem and cured it 90% within a week and 100% within 3 weeks.

Before advising you with the details, my wife's symptoms were:

What she had was a spasm of the levetate muscles around the rectal area, that is why it is impossible for her or the doctors to generate/reproduce or mimic the same pain she felt. This pain is usually MUCH more severe for men than women.

My wife felt 90% better in 1 week after she took the following medicine: Robaxin 500 mg with 1 pill of 81 mg Aspirin (Baby aspirin) x 3 times per day, somehow they work well together. [Robaxin is a trade name for Methocarbamol]

Our doctor in Houston who helped my wife is Dr. Ernest Max, Colon & Rectal Specialist, phone No. 713-790-9250

We know how you and your family must feel and we are soooo grateful that my wife is cured so we decided to spread the word to all the people who are suffering from this ruthless pain.

Best of luck, we hope the above would help you. What is terribly sad is that you will encounter so many unqualified stupid doctors who are more worried about their ego therefore giving wrong diagnosis and false hope to their patients rather than admitting they do not know.

Updated 2003-08-10

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