Childbirth complications


I delivered my first baby last April - after pushing for two hours the doctor's could see that she was stuck at my tailbone and wouldn't "make the turn" so the decision was made to use forceps. I felt like Mr.Bean's Christmas turkey as over a dozen doctors and nurses poked their heads in to have a look at my oddly shaped coccyx. Thankfully I was frozen solid and couldn't feel a thing but when the medications wore off I was in agonizing pain.

I realized I had bruised/broken/injured my tailbone but the nurses seemed to brush it off and act as though I was crazy. From reading other women's stories this seems to be typical. My doctor said to give it 6-8 weeks to heal and cheered me up by telling me how another patient had broken hers and her son was now 18 months and she was fine. 18 months! I was not happy.

I couldn't sit on anything other than my hard seated, straight-backed dining room chairs for months. Nursing my daughter was an ordeal and travelling in the car was almost impossible. Twice, just as I was starting to feel better, I shifted in my chair, heard a grisly "crack" and felt it shift. Then I was back to square one. It took six months to finally feel better and now, 9 months later I can say I'm 95% healed (thankfully!!)

In the meantime I've developed an allergy to anti-inflammitories due to the large number I took during those months and am off all pain killers other than Tylenol. The other week my husband brought up having another baby and I realized that I am terrified of going through this again. I'll happily do 9 months of pregnancy and another 36 hour labour but 6 months of tailbone agony has me petrified with fear. I would love to hear from someone who DIDN'T break their tailbone the second time around.


Updated 2003-02-02

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