Thank God I am not alone

Rebecca -

My name is Rebecca and I am sitting here crying because your story was almost an autobiography. I was a computer engineer. In 1998 I fell with a server in my lap. it is a little larger than a normal PC. I landed on my tailbone. I knew something was wrong, it felt bad. I went to my doctor and he took an x-ray of my back. He diagnosed me with a lumbar sprain. And gave me six weeks of therapy and so my personal hell began. I was contracted through my company to work at Ravenswood Hospital. I was under a lot of pressure to return to work, so after 6 weeks I said I was ready to return to work. I loved my job and was greatly needed for desktop support. I always felt this stiffness and pain in my butt. I told Ravenswood I could not lift anymore and walking was so very painful. Sitting was and is the most agony I have. They brought the computers to me and since I was head of desktop the people who worked with me understood that I now had restrictions. While the pain was getting worse and worse.

I started getting a terrible pain in my chest. It felt like heartburn only worse. Now I went to the same doctor for the pain in my chest he said it was acid reflux and put me on prilosec. One day I woke up and really could not walk well. I went back to same doctor and he again said I sprained my lumbar. For two years that quack kept on taking me off work for 6 weeks at a shot and prescribing more and more pills for heartburn. I finally went to a gastorolgist and he got me to the hospital for emergency surgery. I had 6 GALLSTONES AND A NON FUNCTIONING GALLBLADDER. The largest was 3 cm. All the time my back was getting worse.

I now walk with a limp. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, the surgeon said I had some degenerative arthritis, the others all varied, I had sacriliitis, one guy said I even had a tumor. Therapy didn't work, nothing did. My company's contract with Ravenswood hospital came to an end in March 2000. My company put me back in the field. I lasted two weeks and walked off my job. I couldn't even pick up my tool box.

I have filed a work compensation case. After the pain clinic started burning the nerves to no avail they, said I had permanent damage and I could no longer work at my career. I finally got my social security disability in 2002 after two years and 20 doctors.

I went to CINN doctors and they diagnosed coccydynia. I cried because finally something made sense. They said my coccyx was fused and bent. I now have a spinal cord stimulator. They said the did not think removing the coccyx bone would help.

After reading your experience I am wondering if it would work. I am never without pain just sitting here writing this, I will not be able to get up. I just want 2 HR without this constant pain. It has put a strain on everything in my life, financially, sexually, physically. I am so glad to know that I am not crazy this is not all in my head. I would like to talk to someone who understands. and is there hope for me??????????? I walk with a limp. I walk with a cane. I have a wheelchair for any distance. I cannot begin to tell you how many things I can't do without pain. They all say it is permanent and will get worse, because now it is a arthritis site and it is degenerative.

Well I have talked enough. Thanks for your time.


Updated 2003-03-02

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