I am sure my coccyx is broken

Rob - robert.mitchell@telia.com

I am 45 and remember as an early teenager I was playing soccer with the lads. I spun and kicked the ball in front of a tree at almost full sprint, lost my balance and landed coccyx first on the exposed root of this tree.

I was speechless, thoughtless, motionless in fact all of the 'less's you can be and still alive. I was absolutely paralysed with agonizing all pervasive pain. My friends of course took a while to see the severity of it ,and after about 5 minutes they gradually decided that I should be helped home; about 400 yards away. This took over an hour in which space of time I passed out 3 times with the pain. My parents were not home at the time so my pals took me to my room and left.

Next day my mother called the doctor after I had not been able to get into, let alone out of, bed. He arrived and said " Bruises"; take it easy for a few days and all will be well.

It was..I know this is not the usual way of this problem, but hey, it was. The only thing that I noticed was a short, not too severe pain when my coccyx clicked occasionally when sitting down. That was then. For the last year it has been a nightmare. It clicks all the time when I move any of the muscles in that region. Be it for defecating or stretching, even breaking wind whilst sitting. It gives such a sharp all powerful pain that I often cry out.

The problem for me is that because it is not a constant pain, I cannot get a bloody thing done about it. I cannot get even an X-ray done here in Sweden as they say "What can we do about it anyway?".

I am not sure if I am making a useful addition here but, be warned. It seems that the problem is not "on the list" here in Sweden.

I do need to get this thing sorted one way or another soon, as it is getting steadily worse and now has a constant and sometimes sharp pain. I fear sitting, especially if in company.

Can anyone offer advise that will make sense here in Sweden ?

Updated 2003-06-29

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