Persistent coccyx pain


I'm residing in France and I was very delighted to come across this site which has helped me to be aware that my case is not an isolated one. First of all I would be much indebted to you to pardon my very bad English, I'm a Mauritian living in France for more than thirty years.

I'm nearly sixty years of age but look much less, I was an ex-bodybuilder. I was still training very hard when that misfortune happened to me on the 31st of July 1999. I was working on that last day of July 1999 when I made a very bad fall just on my coccyx, it was an industrial accident. I was immediately transported in hospital but the doctor who was in charge of me was undoubtedly the biggest idiot I've ever met in my life. Instead of taking an immediate x-ray to situate the fracture he just tell me to go back home because I've had only a lumbago (I forget to tell you that I spent three hours in the emergency block before he had examined me). The pain was unbearable and I suffered hell.

This is the point where I want to come, here in France you can choose your doctor, if the one you have gone through is not the right one you change for another until you find the right one. Instead of treating my coccyx I have swallowed of sorts of medicines for lumbago during five months until the time I could not bear it anymore. After four or five doctors I have found the good one who immediately prescribed many scans and the results are luxation and fracture of the coccyx.

I will not describe the treatments I received till now, but to all those who have the coccyx problem let me tell you that the best treatment for that is Voltaren. It is radical and it relieves you instantly, you must be very careful so as not to make abuses. When I drive I must automatically put a little inner tube under my seat, it permits me to drive without pains. As regarding the problem of sitting, you should learn to sit on the back of your thighs in order that your coccyx does not support the weight of your body. Apart from that there is nothing more to do, you can only alleviate your everyday life. One thing before leaving (never undergo any surgical operation), you should learn to live with that handicap and who knows the future.

God bless you all.

Updated 2003-04-27

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