Osteopathy treatment


I started suffering from coccydinia aged about 12. Sitting down wasn't so much a problem - but moving so as to relieve the pressure on the coccyx was, and standing back up was excruciating. Coping at school was difficult at times and I was in agony every time I had to change classes. My GP said I'd grow out of it and prescribed painkillers / anti-inflammatories.

Well, to a large extent, I did grow out of it, at least until I was in my mid-twenties. I had a few ungainly falls upon my rear end and the coccyx flared up again. Back to the doctor who prescribed anti-inflammatories and said the only cure was surgery - which he wouldn't recommend. My husband was having osteopathy at the time for his tennis elbow - and the osteopath suggested he could treat the coccydinia. After 6 treatments he cured it through manipulation. No surgery, no drugs. That was 15 years ago and I've had no problems since.


Updated 2003-09-28

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