Fell asleep in the bath

Sharon - smcwormald@ntlworld.com

Original posting, 2003-06-01:

I fell asleep in the bath for 2 hours after I had flu. I had no pain at the time but the day after I had a mild ache, the next day worse still and the following I was in complete agony! This was 6 weeks ago and is slowly getting better, very slowly!

I find it very depressing but try to help myself with ice packs 3 times a day and a donut ring, I still can't drive and my confidence is low but it is getting better slowly. I see a chiropractor and he has assured me it is caused by inflammation of the tissues surrounding coccyx, having taken an x-ray. I cannot stand for very long and lie down to relieve pain. I do not take tablets because I don't get on with anti inflammatories.

Reading has kept me sane, and my boyfriend of 4 years dumped me 4 weeks ago so now I have to move house as well!

So have hope, take it easy, go with the flow and not everyone has to have ops, the same as normal back pain, some are worse than others!

Got to go, my bum hurts!

Update, 2004-01-11:

Ok just a quickie! As described previously I fell asleep in the bath in April 2003. It has now been 9 months and the pain did get a bit better, physio helped, but since new year it has come back with a vengeance, taking my confidence with it! I had a bad upset stomach and I don't know if this set it off again. During good times I dared to try s e x and the pain wasn't too bad!

I am depressed again but keep getting told it will get better, humm!

Sorry for not replying to Heather, I had computer problems again so got new email address!

Thanks to all for putting info on site. Best regards to all you sufferers!

Sharon Wright.

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