Painful sitting and walking after falling down stairs

Sharon Whitfield

My name is Sharon Whitfield and I am 20 years old. A few months ago I fell down my stairs from top to bottom and I landed right on my bum. It was very painful, but I didn't think anything off it at first. But it got a lot worse over the next few days, and I found it very painful to sit down, so went to see the doctor at my local surgery. He told me that I had burst my little bone of the very end off my back. He gave me a week off work and painkillers and told me I should be ok resting.

Now it's been nearly 8 months, and I have been back to the doctors about a week ago, and he is now sending me for a x-ray as it is still very painful. It also hurts in my legs when I walk, but you said you had no pain when you walked, but mine really hurts.

Anyway I have my x-ray on Monday 17th November and hopefully I will be able to find out what it is and start to get it sorted out.

I hope that you are well now, and I think that your page is very good, and I found it very helpful. Thank you

Best wishes


Updated 2003-11-16

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