Ulcerative proctitis? IBS? Arthritis?

Spike - redfrog24@msn.com

I just woke up on January 4th this year and found it very painful to sit and had to reposition my sitting a lot. The only thing I could think of that caused it was 3 days prior to having this problem, I played cards all weekend and sat on the floor to do so, but since that causes back pain, I used a pillow. I never had the pain until 3 days after. I didn't fall or anything.

I made an appointment to go see my doctor that week and when I went to see him, he prescribed me pain medicine and sent me on my way. I waited a week and the pain got worse. I did research on the computer and coccydynia was in the question. I went back to my doctor and asked him what could be wrong and he would beat around the bush and I asked him could it be coccydynia and he said yes that's what it sounded like and told me to go see a therapist.

I went to a bone specialist and he done X-rays and made me jump in place and said he didn't know what was wrong because the results were normal besides painful. Later on I went to therapy and did it for 2 weeks and found no results, as a matter of fact the pain was worse. I tried going to a chiropractor and he found one of my legs was shorter than the other therefore correcting it.

The pain carried on and I went to see a proctologist and she had an MRI done which came back normal. She done a rectal exam and a colonoscopy and found that I have ulcerative proctitis and IBS and put me on Flagyl 500 mg, 1 tab 3x a day and Pentasa 250 mg, 4 capsules 4x a day and another medicine I can't remember. Two weeks later I had to go back for a checkup to see if I had relief. I went to the bathroom just fine with all that medicine but the pain continued.

I've been to lots more doctors after that and the last one thinks I may have that crippling arthritis and gave me Vioxx 25 to take 2 tabs once a day. The Vioxx seemed to help about 50% of my pain but it also made me sick. I'm now supposed to go see a neurologist in the process but I haven't been yet. I don't know if it is arthritis yet, but maybe soon I can find out. The last doctor I saw said that many women that have babies naturally can develop it from straining so much and some just get tailbone pain for just having babies. They don't know the cause yet.

Updated 2003-09-07

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