I can't sit and I'm at my wit's end


I am a 40 year old social worker from Kentucky. I have worked as a social worker in several states and have always done a very good job. I have never been sick for any length of time nor did I miss a lot of work. Until I got hurt. In 1998 I was knocked down by a foster child. My back hurt. I stayed down for a few days but I was busy with work and my own children.

Several weeks later, when I was not completely recovered from the fall, a 16 year old girl ran a red light and hit me. My back really "went out", I mean I couldn't move without feeling the most intense pain. I couldn't move. I spent 6 weeks off from work and the next year recovering. I was given spine blocks and pain medication. After about a year the pain went away. I went back to my life. I worked, exercised, drove my children around, and travelled with my family.

On December 28 2000 while sitting in traffic during a heavy snow, a truck hit me from behind. Once again my back went out. But I rebounded really fast. I went to physical therapy and worked really hard at home. I was not going to let this accident cost me another year. I was back to work within 6 weeks. I sometimes felt some really intense pain so I did agree to the spine blocks again. Things got back to normal. Then one day, out of the blue, as I bent down to pick up some clothes for a foster child I heard a "pop". My legs went out from under me and I fell on my behind. I couldn't move. Another social worker was with me and somehow between her and the foster mother I got into my van. The other worker drove me home and I refused to sit down. I felt that if I act down I wouldn't be able to get back up. I walked around the house trying to shake this off. My legs felt numb and I felt like I had pins in my big toe. I was taken to the ER where a new MRI was done. I have problems in 5 areas of my low back. The discs at level 4, 4/5, 3, 3/4, and SI1 all have problems. I also have some really serious nerve damage.

I once again worked really hard on physical therapy. But I couldn't shake it. I could work but then I didn't have a home life. When I stayed home from work and enjoyed my family things fell apart at work. I took pain medication at night so I could sleep. But refused to take anything during the day. I did everything the doctors told me to do. I had spine shots, blocks, disc-grams, and finally in May of 2002 I agreed to a IDET (Intra-Discal Electrothermal Annuloplasty). After the IDET I really felt great. I was getting around enjoying my family and looking forward to going back to work. Then about a month after the IDET my tailbone started hurting. My back sometimes hurts but the real pain is in my tailbone. At first it I thought that I just wasn't used to sitting. We would go to our son's swim meets, and if we had to travel my tailbone would really hurt when I got home. Then by the end of the summer I couldn't sit through a meet. I talked with my doctor about this and he didn't act like it was anything to worry about. I asked if it was possible to have a tumor on my tail bone and he said no.

In September I was so bored at home and my tailbone hurt so much I began walking all the time. My back got stronger and I asked to be returned to work. The doctor agreed to part time. The first month I did OK but when I got home my tailbone would hurt but I could lay down or go for a walk the pain would still be there but not as intense. Then it kept getting worse and worse. Since the beginning of December I have not worked a full half day. I can't sit for more then a couple of minutes and if I stand my feet go numb.

I have talked with my doctor and they don't seem to listen. I am at my wit's end. I can't do anything with my family, I am depressed and can't get along with either of my children. My house is always a wreck. My husband travels and when he gets in at night he doesn't feel like cleaning.. I am losing my mind. The doctors gave me the impression that this was all in my head. I am very very glad that I decided to look on the internet for tailbone problems and I found this site. I have printed the definition and causes of Coccydynia. I plan on taking this information to my doctor the next time I go and if he doesn't help I will just keep looking for someone who understands this problem.

Updated 2003-01-05

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