Tried everything except surgery

Sylvia -

I am retired woman in my sixties and have been in horrible pain for the past twelve years. I fell while walking down a wheelchair ramp. I landed flat of my back side. I was told that it took a long time for a tailbone injury to heal so I waited for a year before going to a doctor. My first pain doctor really tried to help me with nerve blocks and the freezing sessions. Nothing she did helped and she died so I had to change doctors.

The next pain doctor did a nerve block, and when I got up my legs went out from under me, so I was sent home in a wheelchair. I was told I would be ok in about six hours. Didn't happen and I got a kidney infection, which went into septic shock. I had a heart attack and was in the hospital 37 days.

Needless to say, I changed doctors and a morphine pump was inserted in my stomach. I had it for two and a half years . I ended up in a hospital, not knowing who I was or where I was. I ended up in a rehab hospital for two months. I had to be detoxed before they could remove the pump (due to bringing the dosage down).

I have tried manipulations and acupuncture, physical therapy which did not help. I have had several MRIs. I am trying to get my tailbone removed. All the doctors I have been to do not recommend this.

Does anyone out there have anything else to throw at me? Thanks for listening to me.

Best, Sylvia

Updated 2003-10-12

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