Injection worked!

Vicki -

I suffered with tailbone pain for months until it got so bad I needed vicodin! My Doctor sent me to the spine institute and I received an injection. The procedure was done at the hospital and the doctor used ultrasound to locate the correct place for the injection. He told me it might work for 3 days, 3 months or even 3 years - there's no guarantee. Well, that was last June (8 months ago) and just now the pain has come back.

In my opinion, IT WORKED!!! I had NO pain at all for 8 months.

Now that it's back (came back over the course of 2 weeks), I'm scheduled for another injection. I'm hoping this one will last at least as long as the first and hopefully longer.

Just so you know, the pain after the injection got a little worse for a few days and then, it was GONE!

So, I'd recommend the injection.

Vicki in Phoenix.

Updated 2003-03-16

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