No history of an injury, but needed coccygectomy


Posted 2006-02-05

I had coccydinea for two years, normal anatomy and negative investigations. No history of a fall or other injury. Went through usual treatment options and ultimately had a coccygectomy December 6 2005. I had moderate pain for a few days, after the marcaine wore off . . . and have had no pain since.

I can sit, drive, exercise, play, work etc. Activity was gradually increased over the first few weeks. I was sitting before New Year's! I am thrilled with the results, and the short recovery time.

My surgeon was Dr. Norton Lithwick in Toronto, based out of Humber River Regional Hospital (York-Finch area) (see list of doctors and specialists in Canada). I don't regret the decision to treat this condition surgically at all.

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