Surgery was great!

Debbie Dennis -

Posted 2006-06-25


I am 48 years old had my coccyx removed on May 16/06 by Dr. Lithwick in Toronto (see Doctors and specialists in Canada) and it was amazing! I am so happy. I was up and out of bed as soon as the anasthetic wore off. I even sat on a chair in the lounge for 3 hours. Sitting was ok leaning forward but could not lean back or let anything touch my lower back for about a week.

I do think that I went back to work too early - 1/2 days within 2 weeks. Dr. Lithwick said to take 3-6 weeks off work, but I felt pretty good and would not get paid so I went back.

It does not hurt at all to stand up from sitting anymore but it is still tender to sit for long periods of time after only 5 weeks. Today is Wed. June 21st and I have worked 3 days in a row sitting for 8-9 hours and I am definitely sore, but nothing compared to the pain of standing up from sitting before the surgery. I know that when the surrounding area is completely healed, I will feel like a million bucks.

All in all, I would recommend surgery to anyone! Unfortunately Dr. Lithwick is retiring from surgery July 1 2006, but there is still a doctor that is familiar with this surgery in Scarborough.

Thanks so much to Jon for this site!!!!!!

My family doctor had previously told me that I would have to suffer with the pain for the rest of my life and at the young age of 48....that was just not acceptable!

Thanks again Jon,

Debbie Dennis

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