The Double Dare Incident


Posted 2006-03-05

I never knew so many people had the same problems I did, and much worse than I do too. I'm an 18 year old from Ontario and I originally started getting pains in my coccyx after a double dare to do a silly stunt on the swinging monkey bars hanging from my backyard tree when I was 11. My friends and I were playing in my backyard and they were showing off how "easy" it was to sit on top of the bar, hold on with your hands and do a backwards roll so that you end up hanging by your hands. I should've stopped it then, but I wasn't nearly as confident as now. As a result when dared to try, I struggled to lift myself up to sit on the top and not fall off, then hung on as hard as I could with my hands and tried to follow their diluted instructions. Swinging forward I managed to bring my legs around but found myself moving much too fast and being flung off onto the ground by centrifugal force. Landing square on my torso and back rather hard and having the wind blown out of me I couldn't move for about 5 minutes, and my friends ran into the house to get my parents.

A while after that I went to the hospital and they said I would be fine and just "got a scare." And for a while I was fine... until I started to get these stabbing pains when I sat down. By this time it was about a year or so later, but I still had the feeling that it could be attributed to the fall. Anyway, ever since I've had off-and-on pains which would hurt when sitting or rotating my torso, more recently it's been when stretching/excercising.

I have an excellent Chiropractor (Dr. Bruce Fligg, Ontario, see (see list of doctors and specialists in Canada) that my mum also attends for her scoliosis. He is extremely knowledgeable and will always recommend the right things to do and adjust the right things to make it feel a little better during the stretches of time when I am hurting. He also has an extensive knowledge of nutrition and supplements and was able to help my father who is allergic to gluten and nightshade vegetables and was able to prescribe an immune boosting plan for me to bring me out of a 6th month span of mono. (If you can't tell I'm really awe-struck just for knowing him ^_-)

I'm just so very grateful for my overall good health nowadays and that I've been granted the knowledge and ability to see how wonderful life is as a result. If there's one thing I've noticed in life it's that the more you've suffered in life, the more you can appreciate when good times come around.

I'm also glad to have found this site and to be able to see all the other stories that others have shared. Keep up the good work ^__^



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