Immediate relief from physiotherapist

Jenefer -

Posted 2007-12-16

I have gone through everybody's experience, though it took me three hours at a stretch, and I remember my worse ever time in my life when I was feeling just like you. Believe me I was totally depressed and lost my interest in everything, even five kg weight also. I am working as HR manager in a company, had to attend all meetings almost every alternate day. I was using a rubber tube to sit on as advised by my family doctor, and the worst part was that I had to answer for using that tube when asked by someone. It was an undignified feeling. Earlier traveling was my passion but not now. I made up my mind to live with that pain but sometimes couldn't control it and broke down.

I was sent to US to meet a few Indian Engineers working there, when one of them smiled at me and said 'Madam I have a good news for you which I will tell you today evening while having coffee'. I was completely confused and very desperate to meet him in the evening. As he ordered for coffee he gave me one paper slip and said this is the man who can get you rid of your miserable pain. That day was really happiest day for me.

As soon as I landed in India, that day itself, I took an appointment with Dr. Jaffar (see doctors and specialists in India) for next day evening. He is a fantastic person, always smiling, respects and loves his patients, one feels as if he was already your friend. Almost my 60% pain was relieved when he said "Madam forget about your pain now and believe me''.

Just twenty minutes treatment gave me second life. When he made me to sit again it was totally no pain and I broke down. I highly recommend you Dr. Mir Jaffar.

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