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Sharon -

Posted 2007-04-29

I wrote you some time ago and told you my sister suffers from the tailbone issues and I have pelvic pain. The product I developed really helps alleviate pain when sitting. I welcome you to check it out.

I suffer from chronic urogenital pain resulting from multiple bladder surgeries. I am currently being treated by a separate physician, Dr. Richard P. Marvel (Greater Baltimore Medical Center) for pain management. Dr. Marvel suggested use of a cushion to help relieve my pain when sitting. However, I found that cushions available at that time where of flimsy construction, with the cushion material failing within a few weeks use. These prompted me to research available products and ultimately manufacture my own cushion. Dr. Marvel examined my cushion and finding it superior to other available products, encouraged me to manufacture additional cushions for his patients. I am contacting you to consider the Original Marvel Cushion for your patients if appropriate for pain relief. My gynecologist is also considering the Original Marvel Cushion for treating patients with 4th degree tear of the perineum. The cushion may be also indicated to alleviate pain associated with coccysdynia, anal injury or similar conditions where reduction on the weight bearing forces of the injured area provides relief. You may find additional information regarding the Original Marvel Cushion at:

A blank cushion made of resilient closed cell urethane (flame retardant, washable, non-allergenic, and mildew resistant) is encased in a washable vinyl cover discreetly designed to look like a valise or flexible briefcase, masking the embarrassing appearance of the cushion. A carry handle allows the user to carry it in hand or tuck it under the arm. . Leather looking vinyl is available in four different colors (Merlot, Taupe, Brown and Green). It measures 18 inches long by 11 inches wide or deep and weighs less than 11 ozs.

The blank foam cushion is custom fitted under the direction of a qualified physician or by using one of the 4 templates drawn on each foam insert to reduce weight bearing forces on affected area. Written instructions for relief of pudendal nerve damage are included for self customization by the user. It is easily to cut with an electric knife or serrated knife. The ability of the physician to custom fit the cushion optimizes potential relief of pain for the patient.

I hope that you take some time to review this cushion and recommend it to your patients and colleagues. It is the only product on the market of its type. Thank you for your time in considering this product. Should you have additional questions please telephone me at Tel. 703-791-8243, FAX 703-791-4152, or email me at

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