My experience with this pain

Romaine -

Posted 2008-03-16

I moved to Canada late last year from a England which was tough enough to deal with at first( climate wise). Shortly after I landed, my pain started on my upper left leg very suddenly one night. After about a week, I went to the doctor, who prescribed painkillers (what's new, right). After about a week of no relief I visited a chiropractor close by. His contribution was to take his elbow and "gear down" on my lower back which literally had me seeing stars. Of course when he finished I couldn't feel anything and got instructions to arrange 5 visits for the upcoming weeks.

The next day I could hardly walk and returned to the doctor. He then suggested that I have an x-ray done together with an ultrasound and CT scan. I must tell you that this sounded particularly daunting as I had no medical coverage, in a strange country struggling with horrible pain. Nevertheless I arranged it as I traveled frequently and they wanted to rule out the DVT possibility. After the x-ray and ultrasound showed up nothing (done on my leg only folks) the department suggested that I get an MRI done instead. I went along yet again, paying through my nose, to have them also have this done. By that time I was having real pain on the area around my tail bone as well as spasms around the whole area which was pretty frightening. When I went in to have the MRI done I explained this to the technicians but of course they only went ahead and did the scan on my upper left leg.

The results showed a swelling (are you surprised) but nothing to actually say what was wrong. In the meantime the pain was getting worse and I was taking whatever was around me medication wise just to get a relief. I couldn't sit, sleep lying down so most nights I paced and tried to sleep standing up. It didn't help that I was new to the country and just starting a new job. Impressive I can tell you!

My doctor then suggested it may have been "piriformis syndrome" and again referred me for an ultrasound and yet another MRI this time on my lower back. They did both scans again but did not include the tail bone area!!! In the meantime I was getting desperate so I decided to try and diagnose myself by doing research on the internet. I found this site and saw that Jane had almost the same symptoms as me and finally diagnosed what was wrong by getting a simple x-ray done. so I decided to go to emergency that evening and try my luck. After 5 hour wait I was finally told that yes my tail bone was cracked and no they couldn't do anything I had to get the cushion and continue on painkillers.

My doctor however, after reviewing the same x-ray done in emergency advised that I needed to have above scan done based on the radiographer's recommendation . Wanting to be sure I again agreed and went to have that done. Well that also came back inconclusive and they are now suggesting that I get yet another MRI scan on the tail bone area now.

I then returned to your site and looked for a doctor close by to get help as I was feeling crazy by that time. I found Dr Fligg here in Canada (see Doctors and specialists in Canada) and after emailing him, I got a response the NEXT day offering to see me COMPLIMENTARY in order to see whether he could help me. imagine that!!!! After four months, finally a HUMAN BEING!!!!.

So I met with this famous doctor and he is going to try to help me get rid of this pain. will update you on my experience later on.


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