Treatment of coccyx injury by Dr. Rajveer Singh in Bangalore, India

Sachin -

Posted 2009-11-08

It was last Sunday of Feb, 2009, I meet a Motorcycle accident on outer city highway of Bangalore, India. I was admitted to Emergency of Nimhans, Bangalore unconscious state. After complete investigations by Specialists and Surgeons came to know that I got L2 and L3 fracture at spinal Cord.

After 15 days, of bed rest at home back and buttock pain subsided. I resumed my office in Bangalore once again. First two days was smooth for me and for my back. On third day I started experiencing pain in my buttocks. I often experienced this pain while siting for more than an hour. While walking fast from my cubicle to office lab, I was experiencing locking irritating pain just below the buttocks. The situation gone more worse as the day passes on . I was unable to concentrate on work due to buttock pain. After searching for symptoms I came to know about it was coccyx pain. I read about the exercises and treatments on internet and followed some on the youtube videos to do exercises by myself , but in vain.

From I came to know about Dr. Mir Jaffar. After inquiry I came to know That Dr. Mir Jaffar is undertaking higher studies and unable to attend me in Bangalore. Dr. Mir's colleagues suggested me Dr. Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India) for my treatment to coccyx pain. I got his contact number and fixed an appointment to visit him. Dr. Rajveer Singh is working with Sagar Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road, Jaynagar, Bangalore (Formerly Sagar Apollo Hospitals) as Head and In-charge of Physiotherapy Department. On meeting him, I explained him all right from beginning. He Immediately told me to get Latest X-RAY Report of Lower back and buttock region. After Inspecting the X-Ray Dr. Rajveer figured out it was Coccyx injury. My Coccyx was dislocated.

Dr. Rajveer figured out the treatment plan for a week. As diagnosed I have Started taking Physiotherapy Sessions Under guidance of Dr. Rajveer. Initially coccyx Pained a lot , but after 3 days it subsided. I experienced huge sigh of relief. I happily followed all the exercise meant extensively for Coccyx at my home as well early in the morning before starting for office. After a week It was complete relief for me. I'm completely relieved by the coccyx pain. I'm able to follow my office routine with same zeal and concentration. It was Dr. Rajveer who noticed Coccyx Dislocation , which has been sidelined / unnoticed by other Doctors after initial days of accident. Thanks do Dr. Rajveer Singh for his careful listening and extensive attention for keeping up my exercise routine at his Sagar Hospital Physiotherapy Department. I Strongly recommend all the coccyx pain sufferers for Dr. Rajveer's impeccable guidance and for his broad understanding of coccyx related injuries and complications.

Good Luck !!!


Bangalore, India

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