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Shivakumar Chikkamath

Posted 2009-11-29

To introduce myself, I am Shivakumar Chikkamath from Bangalore. I fell down from the stairs 2 years ago which caused a severe injury to by coccyx bone. From then onwards, I used to get a huge pain in the tail bone when I used to sit on chair. I consulted the Orthopaedician who took the X-Ray and confirmed me to use the heavy cushion while sitting on the chair. Realising that the pain didn't relieve even after six months, I visited my orthopaedician who gave me a pain killer injection in the tail bone. This provided me a temporary relief for a week and again the same painful story.

I consulted a spine surgeon who advised me to use a doughnut tube (Cushion Ring) while sitting in the chair. I dedicatedly used it for 1 year but did not see any considerable change in the pain. I even had a MRI scan done which revealed no abnormalities except a slight bulge between 2 discs. Upon advise from one of my friend, I even underwent an Ayurvedic treatment for 20 days but this also went in vain putting me in severe frustration.

Once when I was surfing through the Internet, I came to know about the website ( from which I was able to understand the causes, symptoms, possible treatments & personal experiences. I also got to know about Dr. Rajveer Singh from Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India) who is a Physio-therapist and a specialist in treating tail bone pains.

I met him in person and explained about my pain. He visited my home the next day and advised me some exercises which were concentrated specially for the pain of coccyx bone. He carried out some 10 sessions at my home during which I realised some relief (say 30 %). He has advised me to continue the same exercises for next 2 months. Now after 20 days, I see a considerable relief (say 40%). I get a slight pain only if I sit for long durations and the pain will be relieved immediately once I do the exercises.

I will continue the exercises for next 2-3 months and will post my experiences accordingly.

Thanks & Regards


Update, 2010-02-14

Further to above, I am dedicatedly doing the exercises and am feeling much much better. I am seeing a gradual improvement & can say my pain has relieved up to 60%. I have completely stopped the usage of the cushion ring which I used earlier in case of long journeys or in cases of sitting for long durations. I am confident now that it will be relieved completely. These exercises will also help to maintain the right posture while sitting which will avoid any possibility of back pain in future.

Will continue the exercises and will come back to you will the updates accordingly.

Thanks & Regards


Update, 2011-08-14

Further to my above updates, would like to inform that my pain has relieved completely. Though I get a slight pain when I sit on hard surfaces for long durations (4-5 hrs), it gets relieved immediately once I do the exercises. I would like to thank Dr. Rajveer once again without whom it was impossible for me to get out of this nightmare. I strongly advice the people to contact him in order to get relief from such pains & also appreciate his personal attention and care.

Thanks & Regards


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