Coccyx and lower back pain


Posted 2010-10-10

Hi all,

I am 23 years old and have been suffering from tailbone pain for about 2 months now. My horrific story starts from a day before I vacated my hostel after post graduation. It so happened that I just had an acute pain out of no where in my lumbar region. I also noticed that I used to feel uncomfortable sitting on chairs, just as if sitting on some marble. It wasn't exactly pain but just some unrest so that I had to change my position every few minutes.

Meanwhile my lumbar region was causing me trouble so this sitting issue did not bother me much. The pain in the lumbar region pushed me to see an orthopaedic who initially ordered an x-ray and then an MRI for the lumbar region. They did not reveal anything. The doctors thought it to be a muscle spasm and referred me to physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy did seem to help a bit, but after a week of that I had to join my first job (this was about a month and a half after my pain started). After joining, a slight unrest that I used to feel while sitting had subsided and the back pain also started to abate. But then I was given a profile in which I had to travel about 3 hours daily in the bus and the very first day, as I got up, I felt a pain in my coccyx while kept on getting worse in subsequent days.

After 3 days I could hardly travel but the ruthless company was not willing to change my profile at all so I took a leave for a month and went back home. I saw another orthopaedic who sent me for an x-ray and concluded that there was a slight dislocation of my second last segment of the tailbone. But when I showed it to other doctors they were hardly able to see anything in it.

Now I don't know what to do I am just taking stupid pills and hoping that on the next visit he'll sent me for some more conclusive tests like MRI. Meanwhile I am also taking homeopathic symphytom and ruta g for the same cause.

This dual pain has made my life hell and although my doctor has said that the pain in my lumber region is the referred pain but I am still skeptic about the conclusion as most of the literature tells that coccyx pain is localized. I would highly appreciate some advice on this.

Now I am planning to see dr. Rajveer singh in bangalore next month. Will keep you all updated.

I wish to appreciate Jon's efforts on this and thank him for the same

Update, 2012-05-13

I visited Dr. Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India) about two weeks ago and it was for the first time that a proper diagnosis for my condition was made. I underwent a dynamic X-ray, which most of the doctors in my city didn't know about, and it revealed a fusion of the last two segments of the spine and a slight sub-laxation on sitting.

He told me some exercises and applied ultrasound therapy which helped me a lot. I found those exercises very useful and they helped me a lot in relieving the pain. The back pain that I had initially is almost gone and flares up only about once every 3-4 weeks.

The most important thing is his knowledge on this issue and that itself inspires a confidence and makes one feel that this problem can actually be cured. He also diagnosed deficiency of Vitamin-D which may be responsible bone related issues. I would suggest others suffering from similar issues to visit him once.

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