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Asger -

Posted 2010-10-17

My name is Asger and I'm a resident of Bangalore, India. The reason for me to write this is because it is through a similar posting of someone suffering from Coccyx pain led me to an amazing Doctor in Bangalore - Dr.Rajveer Singh who practices at the Sagar Hospital Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India).

A little brief about my lifestyle which possibly may help some to avoid getting this excruciating pain which is not only unbearable but also pretty embarrassing. My work requires me to drive extensively and I have been doing this since the last two years. Driving more than 125 km per day without taking breaks. This had to have a toll on my body and since the last 6 months I started suffering unbearable sharp pain in my lower back. It increased every time I sat and tried to get up, it was like a knife piercing through my lower back, my face would contort every time I got up and it sure was pretty embarrassing particularly during meetings. Finally it came to the stage where I avoided sitting. Trust me it was hell......just the thought of not being able to sit drove me crazy and the pain was crazier.

I underwent physiotherapy and was under medication, exercises etc...all in vain. Just short of getting into depression, by chance, in the month of September 2010 I came across a few blogs of patients suffering from similar pain. Two Doctors, Dr.Rajveer & Dr.Mir Jaffar were highly recommended and I got in touch Dr.Jaffar who was out of town and he asked me to get in touch with Dr.Rajveer Singh. It changed my life :-)

A very down to earth, extremely helpful person who knows his job perfectly. He goes all out to ensure the patients are comfortable, make them talk their hearts out (finally someone to hear us out!!) and he makes sure that the patient is on the road to recovery right from day one!! The best part was to know that the terrible pain could be cured! Earlier another doctor had told very bluntly that I would not be able to sit for the rest of my life…unless I went in for surgery!!

One thing about Dr.Rajveer is, he exudes confidence and gets on work immediately. Right after the first session, I could see good improvement. I followed his advice and did the exercises regularly and believe me, within 10 days from when I started the treatment, more than 70% of my pain has come down and I'm sure if I continue to exercise and follow his advice on posture, lifestyle, etc I will be cured within no time!

Best thing about him is, when you are unable to travel to the hospital for the session, he obliges by house visits. Something that needs to be greatly appreciated given his hectic schedule and beeline of patients who travel from across the country to meet him.

Three cheers to Dr.Rajveer, for his amazing skills, down to earth attitude and most of all helping us. Thank you Dr.Raj!

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