Personal experience

Deepak Kumar

Posted 2010-12-12

Hi I am Deepak Kumar from Arunachal Pradesh, India. I have been suffering from tail bone pain since one year. I have gone through many doctors but none of the doctors could give me the right solution of my problem.

I was really disappointed and frustrated finally I called up my brother who is working in Bangalore and explained him about the issue. He did a Google search and found out about Dr.Rajveer Singh (Physiotherapist) in Sagar Hospital (see Doctors and specialists in India).

He suggested me to visit Bangalore and give a try. I came down to Bangalore very next week and gone through Dr. Rajveer. He figured out my issue quickly and recommended me to have normal exercises, in fact he came down to our residence for 10 days and helped me with the exercises. Now I am feeling much better and I have resumed my daily work without any problem, however little bit of daily exercise is required to make sure that I am out of the coccyx pain. I really appreciate Dr. Rajveer's help and thank him for being such a good Dr.

Thanks and regards

Deepak Kumar

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