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Heather - Heather.maudsley@plygem.ca

Posted 2010-03-28

Just over a year ago, I fell down the stairs carrying laundry and came down hard on my tailbone. After finding out I broke it, I new I had a long healing time to come. Knowing it took a long time to heal, I just went day by day hoping it would get better.

After a year with trying different cushions and therapy, I was still in the same amount of pain if not more. Working became nearly impossible as I sit through the entire day, driving to work was just the same. I eventually went back to my doctor asking for help. Currently I am waiting for an MRI and am being booked for a CT scan and a cortisone shot. I have a special chair I use at work with a coccyx cut out in the back. This was helping a lot until I a new problem came up. The coccyx bone moved and pinched a nerve in my spine, so I am now also suffering with nerve pain.

My doctor thinks my only option is to have my tailbone removed but I am having a hard time finding a local surgeon that is experienced with this. I am currently in Calgary, Alberta but am willing to travel within Alberta and to another province if I have to. If there is anyone gone through this surgery and who has located a surgeon able to perform this surgery, please e-mail me with the information.

Update, 2010-07-31

I thought I would send an update and possibly help someone else looking for a doctor. After seeing my family doctor and getting no where, I took my healthcare into my own hands and I drafted a letter and sent to every orthopedic surgeon in my area. I got "1" response. Dr Salo at the Foot Hills hospital in Calgary (see Doctors and specialists in the Canada) agreed to see me and turns out to be a very caring doctor. He reviewed my "actual" radiology results and not just the report. There is one thing, he only has 1 stipulation to completing this surgery. If you have spontaneous tailbone pain, starting from no accident, he will not treat you. He will only agree to treat patients that have had a trauma. His reason is, if it is not a trauma the chances are you will not correct the problem. He then wanted an injection of anesthetic to confirm the tailbone is the true cause of the pain.

I am currently booked for surgery on September 8 after my 1st appointment on July 5. Very nervous and scared but also very excited this could possibly give me back my life without the daily pain. Right now I would definitely recommend seeing him. I have not had the surgery yet, but he is at least willing to treat me as well has done more the a dozen coccyx removals in the past. That is a lot more then I can say about any other doctor I have seen.

I will keep you updated after the surgery.


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